Welcome to Poddle Pod, the home of naptime snugglezzzz.

We understand that your little one is the most precious thing that you’ve ever held in your arms, trusting the comfort and security of them to anyone or anything else can be difficult, but once you see them in their very own Poddle Pod, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice.

If you’re new to the Poddle Pod family, be sure to check out the products page, not only will that give you an idea of the range that we have, but you’ll also get an understanding why we’re not just the market leaders, but the innovators for this type of product. We enjoy hearing from our poddlers, so please drop us a line, pick up the phone or tweet us, you’ll find all of our details on the get in touch page, including all the links to our social channels which we update regularly – especially with our weekly competitions and news.

I can’t promise to answer the phone myself (although I do try!) but we have a fantastic, friendly team here that are always happy to help. I look forward to talking soon! Thanks



Take a peek at our products

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    Stardust Pod Bundle

    4.69 out of 5

    The Stardust Pod bundle features everything you need for your new Poddle Pod! Available in two sizes as the Poddle Pod (0-6 months) or the Toddle Pod (6-36 months), you can enjoy the snuggly softness as your little one grows.


    Ideal for a range of uses, from napping to lounging, tummy time to bathing or simply as a safe place to put your baby down when you are out and about, these pillows have also been proven to soothe reflux.

  • Baby Pod for little babyBest Baby pod shop in UK

    Dinorawr Pod Bundle

    5.00 out of 5

    The Dinorawr Pod Bundle features a gorgeous dinosaur print design, with shades of blue and green for an adventurous nap time!  Available in your choice of Poddle Pod or Toddle Pod, the removable covers make it easy for you to take the cover off for washing and changing, using our range of extra spare covers.


    The Poddle Pod is perfect for a range of uses, from naps and sleeping to bathing and baby massage.  Ideal for taking out and about, offering you a safe spot to put baby down wherever you are.


  • baby pillow onlinesnuggle pod baby bed

    Liquid Resistant Cover – Hoots

    5.00 out of 5

Cuddle Pod for Babies

The Poddle Pod is such a versatile tool for parents, grandparents, babysitters – well anyone who cares for a baby at any point! Rather than being specicially designed for sleeping alone in a cot or crib, the Poddle Pod offers a unique and safer place to pop baby down whilst still in sight – such as when you quickly need both your hands for a task.  The beautiful baby cushion  offers your little one a feeling of snuggling into a cuddle, with support round all sides for complete security and comfort.  Ideal for the newborn baby, the baby sleep pod allows your child to drift off into peaceful slumber quickly and easily without the need to be constantly held.

In different sizes to suit the stages of growing (unfortunately they do not stay tiny babies for long!), we have the ever popular Poddle Pod as well as the slightly larger Toddle Pod, perfect for babies aged over 6 months.  Keeping baby in a safe position for napping, we recommend you use our baby cuddle pods for naps and safely putting baby down.  The Poddle Pod is not designed to leave your baby alone on, so choose it for supervised tummy time, naps, put downs and other moments of peaceful calm.  Why not choose a Poddle Pod as a fantastically useful baby shower gift?

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