About us

We’d love to give you a story full of inspiration, long awaited dreams coming true or a flash of pure brilliance, but in reality, PODDLE POD® was borne from desperation.

Do you remember the little toy dolls that closed their eyes when you tilted them backwards?

Well Deacon, Charlottes fifth child had almost the exact same response, except instead of a rather quiet eye movement, Deacon would take the opportunity to express his displeasure at not being cuddled at the top of his lungs, and let’s be honest, we all know how noisy babies can be. Especially on top of lack of sleep. Looking after the rest of the family. Holding down a job. Cooking. Cleaning. You get the picture.

The Virtual Cuddle

Rather than growing an extra pair of arms, Charlotte started looking at ways that would simulate the safe & secure feeling of being cuddled (who doesn’t like a good cuddle!).

Very soon after, a basic concept was tried and Charlotte knew she was on to something when Deacon expressed his approval – the PODDLE POD® was born and peace returned to Charlotte’s home.

With the help of Mum Susan, Charlotte started a small ‘cottage industry’ style business, initially making just a few for family & friends, but as word spread, Charlotte and Susan found themselves having to look for premises to cope with the demand.

From little things…

PODDLE POD UK now have five employees, all with the same ethos – looking to make the best product possible, there can be no short cuts or ‘almost’ when it comes to the safety of our young ones.

As a parent, you’ll know that even when they are in their forties with children of their own, they’ll still be your ‘baby’.

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