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Amazing! In one word this pod is truly amazing. Charlie was born with talipes and hypermobility. I got the pod when he was 7 weeks old and it has helped to stabilise his movements and provide a safe place to rest as well as complete his physio and tummy time. He had surgery at 9 weeks old whilst in the pod! Without this pod Charlie would not have managed to strengthen his legs safely. He can easily dislocate his lower joints and the pod provided a comfortable secure little haven. His muscle strength improved by using the pod for physio. It has been a god send to us and especially to Charlie. I cannot recommend this pod enough particularly to those who have children with extra needs. Charlie is now 18 months and doing well. He still loves his pod to nap in too. We were told he wouldn’t walk till he was least two but at Christmas he proved everyone wrong. I believe the pod helped to strengthen his legs safely during physio. If there is one item you must get for your little one it’s a pod 100% the best baby product currently on the market.

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I would recommend this product to anybody who has young children, we purchased a toddle pod when our son layton was around 12 months old and it’s the best thing we’ve ever got for him. Our son has a rare condition called Cri Du chat syndrome that causes low muscle tone amongst other things but this provides him so much support and comfort we use it every day, this also helps with Layton’s reflux as it keeps his head raised, our physio therapist was also very impressed with the support and positioning it offers a child.

The toddle pod is something we take along anywhere we go even to hospital admissions so Layton is comfortable and supported. It’s always the talk of the ward we always get nurses/doctors even other families wanting to know what it’s called.

Layton also has a stomach peg which he’s fed from, the toddle pod is the perfect place for us to give Layton his bolus feeds.

I honestly can’t recommend this product enough to any parent.

Thank you so much poddle pod for such a wonderful product which helps us so much and makes out life just that much easier.

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To the PoddlePod team.

I would like to tell you why I think your product is the best thing since sliced bread.

Let me start by telling you a bit about my situation….. On the 31/3/15 I gave birth to my first girl Isabella after 3 boys.

As you can imagine we were overjoyed. What we didn’t know before her birth was that she would be born with a very rare and in her case terminal chromosome deletion called Cri Du Chat.

Cri Du Chat effects around 1-50,000 babies a year. There is no cure and very little treatment.

Some of the symptoms are:
– A cat like cry (Cri Du Chat is French for cry of the cat)
– Small face and jaw
– Delayed mental and physical development,
– Slow growth
– Very low muscle tone

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Which bring me into the Pod!!!
When we first purchased our Pod we were in desperate need for some sort of support for Bella.

Bella sees a whole host of medical professionals one being a physiotherapist. We were struggling to find anything that could offer her the support she needs. On the day the Pod arrived I was so excited to try it out after hearing such wonderful things about it. To my utter amazement not only did Bella love the Pod, she settled as soon as she was laid in it (Nothing short of a miracle.)

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