Looking for one of our award-winning Pods and a removable cover? Look no further! 


Our Poddle Pod bundles feature the Poddle Pod baby pod in your choice of size along with one of our awesome removable covers, available in a wide selection of patterns and colours.



Our Pod Bundles are available in two sizes – the Poddle Pod for babies ages 0-6 months, and the Toddle Pod aimed at youngsters aged 6-36 months.

Add to your Poddle Pod bundle with one of our extra Poddle Pod covers – perfect for when you need to wash your cover.  Add a handy carry bag for travelling and you are fully equipped to take your Poddle Pod everywhere you go.  You won’t know how you managed without one…


Did you know, with their soft fleece undersides, our covers can be used either way up, giving your little one an extra comfy snuggle pillow, perfect for napping or baby massage!

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