Safety is our number one priority, we promise that we will never compromise on quality or safety standards for the sake of profit.

As parents ourselves, we wouldn’t consider buying a sub-standard product for our own children, therefore, we will never expect you to either.
We do our very best to ensure the highest standard – independent testing, professional team members and a standard driven quality system to monitor any problems.
We are proud to say that since we’ve been trading, our returns have been <2% of our annual output, over half of that return rate is down to customer selection, not a manufacturing fault.
As we have explained elsewhere on the site, currently, there are no CE standards or markings for this type of product. We have taken our Poddle Pod to an independent laboratory to have them tested, the results of the report are available [here].
We are currently looking at how we can introduce a safety standard for this type of product, not just for Poddle Pod but one that other manufacturers would voluntarily sign up for, ensuring that all products in this category could be purchased without worry of poor manufacturing or safety standards.

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