What Is The Importance

Of Tummy Time?

In accordance with the 1992 American Academy of Paediatrics Back to Sleep Campaign, it is suggested that all healthy little ones should sleep on their backs to lessen the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome or cot death). However, it remains really important for little ones to spend some time whilst they are awake playing on their tummies whilst under supervision.​


Encouraging Your Little One To Do Tummy Time Will:

• help prevent a flattened head shape from developing
• help them learn about movement and develop the skills to be able to roll over, sit and crawl
• help them to develop their upper body strength and start to lifting their head
• help them move freely because their movement is limited when they are in a car seat or pushchair
• help develop their visual skills by encouraging them to look at their surroundings rather than only seeing the ceiling.


How To Use A Poddle Pod® For Tummy Time

The Poddle Pod® is a great alternative to traditional tummy time. While babies may not have the strength to lift their head enough to make tummy time “fun,” propping them up on the Poddle Pod®  allows them to see the world from a new angle while still strengthening their neck, back, and arm muscles.


Here’s How To Use Your Poddle Pod® Safely For Tummy Time.


1. Place the Poddle Pod® on the floor.​

2. Place your baby inside the curve of the “C” in the Pod at either end, with their arms and shoulders propped on top of the Pod.

3. Place toys in front of the pillow to hold baby’s attention.

4. Allow the baby to play in this “tummy time” position until they show signs of fatigue (unable to hold their head up, crying, fussing). This can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on your baby’s age, strength, and development.

5. Supervise your baby at all times. If at any time your baby’s arms and shoulders slip off the top of the Pod, reposition them.