Tummy Time

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What is the importance of Tummy Time?

In accordance with the 1992, American Academy of Paediatrics Back to Sleep Campaign it is suggested that all healthy little ones should sleep on their backs to lessen the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome or cot death). However, it remains really important for little ones to spend some time whilst they are awake playing on their tummies whilst under supervision.

Encouraging your little one to do tummy time will:
• help prevent a flattened head shape from developing
• help them learn about movement and develop the skills to be able to roll over, sit and crawl
• help them to develop their upper body strength and start to lifting their head
• help them move freely, because their movement is limited when they are in a car seat or pushchair
• help develop their visual skills by encouraging them to look at their surroundings rather than only seeing the ceiling.

When can I start Tummy Time?

Your little one can be placed on their front from birth. It is advised you start with a few minutes of Tummy Time a couple of times a day and start to increase how long they spend on their front gradually as they get older.

Your little one might not like Tummy Time and it is likely they will not put up with it for very long but it is important that you persist and continue to place them on their front for short periods so they gradually get used to it.

It is advised that you only put your little one on their front when they are relaxed, awake and happy. It is also advised never to leave your little one unattended whilst doing Tummy Time.

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