What is Poddle Pod?

Shhhh It's Naptime...

Naptime is a sacred time. Your baby is cocooned from the world as they drift into snuggly, milky dreams. It’s a time when your baby floats to the land of nod and all is calm and well with the world.

To help little ones drift to contentedly to sleep, the PODDLE POD® is designed to snuggle your baby gently to sleep. Many babies find it impossible to let sleep take over unless they are being cuddled. Understandably they crave the feelings of security, warmth and closeness that nestling into a parent brings.

The PODDLE POD® is a naptime nest that gently snuggles little ones, giving them the feeling of being cuddled that they so desperately want.

And for mum and dad? Well it means you can relax safe in the knowledge that your little one is getting the rest they need. Whether you take the opportunity to tackle some of the jobs that are impossible to do while holding the baby or enjoy a hot cup of tea, PODDLE POD® gives you the surety of knowing your little one is resting safely and contentedly.

baby pod package

Designed by mothers for mothers and their babies –

  • PODDLE POD ® is always ready to ‘poddle-snuggle’ your baby.
  • PODDLE POD ® is somewhere convenient to quickly and safely place your baby down.
  • PODDLE POD ® is there when you need it… around the home, travelling, camping, visiting.
  • PODDLE POD ® is brilliant for parents, great for grandparents, excellent for baby sitters.
  • PODDLE POD ® is ideal for baby sponge baths, infant massage, tummy time, lounging, wardrobe and nappy changes, camping, playing…. and so much more!
  • PODDLE POD ® is a welcome, practical and safe baby aid for parents – grandparents – baby sitters – or why not purchase a Poddle Pod as a thoughtful and practical gift?

Feel free to ask us any questions… read our comments from happy mums… and please visit our shop for your very own Poddle Pod.

Every Poddle Pod comes with a no-hassle 28-day money-back guarantee* if you or your baby are not 100% happy with your Poddle Pod (Please see our terms and conditions for more details)